1. The Origin of Life
  2. Earth's Earliest Life
  3. Sex and Nuclei: Eukaryotes
  4. The Evolution of Animals
  5. Life in a Changing World
  6. Extinction
  7. The Early Vertebrates
  8. Leaving the Water
  9. Amphibians and Reptiles
  10. Reptiles and Thermoregulation
  11. Triassic Takeover
  12. Dinosaurs
  13. Warm-Blooded Dinosaurs?
  14. The Evolution of Flight
  15. The Origin of Mammals
  16. Marine Reptiles
  17. Why Flowers are Beautiful
  18. The End of the Dinosaurs
  19. Cenozoic Mammals
  20. Geography and Evolution
  21. Primates
  22. Evolving Toward Humans
  23. The Ice Age
  24. Humans and the Ice Age
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The word Chemistry is a combination of two words CHEM, the ancient name for Egypt, which ment BLACK, referring to the study of MELANIN, and, ISTRY which means 'the study of '. The root of this science like all other sciences is African. This fact is normally kept hidden, with the derogatory term 'black magic' being used to label all ancient African Sciences. When the term prehistory is used, they are usually referring to African History. All people need to review History to realise and learn from the African original view of the liberal Arts which includes all of science. The Structured approach to all the sciences started in Egypt amongst the indigenous African People.

Chemistry is the science of the elements. This science deals with the properties and chemical reactions of the elements and their compounds. Chemistry also includes the study of how these elements and compounds can be formed.

The history of chemistry dates back to prehistoric times. A simple reaction known as combustion is considered a chemical reaction. The history of chemistry is often divided into four periods: Black Magic,Alchemy, Traditional Chemistry and Modern Chemistry (20th Century Chemistry).

Black Magic -Prehistoric Times to The Beginning of the Christian Era Alchemy - The Beginning of the Christian Era to mid 17th Century Traditional Chemistry - The Mid 17th Century to mid 19th Century Modern Chemistry (20th Century Chemistry) - Mid 19th Century to Present.

The extracts above are from the site: A Brief History Of Chemistry.

Early theories of the structure of matter were not based upon experiments. As scientists began to study the relationship between several physical phenomenon such as electricity, and magnetism they began to develop different models about atomic structure.

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