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Descent of Man
In this lecture, beginners can familiarize themselves with basic information and terms used to describe the evolution of humanity beginning with the origin of primates through the comings and goings of Genus Homo.
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August 2007

China plans to survey 'every inch' of moon
Posted: Friday, August 10, 2007
China plans to survey all of the moon's surface before eventually bringing bits of the planet back to Earth, state media reported Friday.

"We would like to survey every inch of the moon's surface," Ouyang Ziyuan, chief scientist of the China's moon exploration project, was quoted as saying on the website of Chinese News Service.
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Row sparked by US tour of 3.2m-year-old Lucy skeleton
Posted: Tuesday, August 7, 2007
The 3.2m-year-old Lucy skeleton, one of man's earliest ancestors, has been taken out of Ethiopia, where it was discovered, for a controversial six-year US tour that scientists have warned will expose the fossil to a high risk of damage.

Scientists at the Natural History Museum in Addis Ababa arrived at work yesterday to find that the remains had been quietly removed from the vault. Several staff members were also gone, reportedly bound for Texas with the artefact.
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