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-Microorganisms, Extraterrestrial ?Life

The Microbial Underground!
Methanogens and Other Microbes
American Society for Microbiology
Online Course in Medical Bacteriology
American Type Culture Collection Home Page
Martian Life Forms
More on Martian Life Forms
A More Dubious Martian Life Form


Virology on the WWW
Virus Images by Genome Type
Virus Images by Family
Principles of Virus Architecture
The Irish National Virus Ref. Lab.
Molecular Epidemiology of HIV

-Unicellular Eukaryotes

Protist Image Data
Prof. Fankboner's Selected Images of Protozoans
Spirogyra and Other Protists
Foraminifera (forams)
Examples of fossil forams
Model of Choanoflagellate
Model of Choanoflagellate Colony
More Choanoflagellates
Chlorophyta: Desmids

-Green Plants

Botany Resources
Plant Families
California Flora Database
Southern California Plant Families
Plant Images
Arkansas Diversity Mapper


Mycological Resources
The Fission Yeast Site

Metazoa (Multicellular Animals)

-Metazoans Without Tissues

Porifera (sponges)
Porifera Home Page
Porifera: Prof. Fankboner's Selected Images or Here
Porifera: Image of Sponge Spicules
Underwater image of sponge

-Eumetazoa (Tissues and Body Symmetry)


Cnidaria features
Anthozoa (coral, anemones)
Cnidaria: Prof. Fankboner's Selected Images or Here
Corals and coral reefs
Very Complete Lecture Notes on Reef Biology and Geology
More on corals and coral reefs
Coral Reefs in Jurassic Park
Fossil coral ("petosky stone" 300+ mya)
Movie of anemone and clownfish
Anemonefishes and Their Host Anemones
Hydrozoa (hydroids)
Scyphozoa (large jellyfish)
Drawings of Scyphozoa (large jellyfish)
Movie of scyphozoan swimming
Cubozoa (sea wasp)
Myxozoans are Cnidarians!


Introduction to ctenophores
Ctenophora: Prof. Fankboner's Selected Images
Drawings of ctenophores
Underwater image of ctenophore

---Bilateria (Bilateral Symmetry)


Brachiopoda (Lamp Shells)
Brachiopoda: Alive
Brachiopoda: Fossils
World Brachiopod Net
Recent Revisions to Brachiopod Systematics
Phoronida (Phoronids)
Bryozoa (Moss Animals)
Bryozoa and Entoprocta Drawings
Bryozoa: Discovery of Free-Swimming Bryozoan from Antarctica
Berkeley's Excellent Introduction to Rotifera (rotifers)
More Rotifers
Microscopy and Rotifers
Acanthocephala (thorny-headed worms)
Gnathostomulida Images
Rotifer and Gnathostomulid Phylogenetic Affinities
New Higher Taxon: Micrognathozoa Described in J. Morph. 246(1)
Platyhelminthes (flatworms)
Platyhelminthes: Prof. Fankboner's Selected Images
Are Acoels Really Platyhelminths or an Even More Ancient Lineage?
Platyhelminthes: Drawings of flatworms
Platyhelminthes: Free-living flatworm
Nemertea (Ribbon Worms)
Sipuncula (Peanut Worms)
More on sipunculans
Echiura (Fat Innkeeper, etc.)
Echiura and Sipuncula Drawings
Pogonophora (Including Hot Vent Worms)
Pogonophora: Images and Hot Vent Worms and Their Habitat
Pogonophora: Bearded Bobby the Hot Vent Worm
Annelida (Segmented Worms)
Annelida: Prof. Fankboner's Selected Images
Annelida: Key to Polychaetes (Many Setae)
Annelida: Polychaete Everting Proboscis
Annelid Worm Biodiversity Resources
Annelida: Polychaeta: Glossary of Polychaete Terms
Annelida: Polychaeta: Serpulid worm reefs
Worm World
Annelida: Polychaete - Honeycomb Tube Worm
Annelida: Polychaete - Venomous Bristle Worm
Annelida: Clitellata - Earthworm Dissection
Annelida: Leeches and Clitellates
Mollusca: Images
Mollusca: Prof. Fankboner's Selected Images or Here
Mollusca: Mollia Site for Malacologists
Mollusca: Mollusc WWW Pages
Mollusca: Newsgroup Archives
Mollusca: Browse the Molluscan Library at Philadelphia's Academy of Natural Sciences
Mollusca: Image of Radula
Mollusca: Image of Chiton (Polyplacophora)
Mollusca: Organization of Prosobranch Gastropod
Mollusca: Nudibranchs of the British Isles
Mollusca: Sea Slug Forum
Mollusca: On-line Java Applet to Demonstrate Raup's Shell Coiling Parameters
Mollusca: MacCoil - Software to Demonstrate Snail Coiling
Mollusca: Neurophysiological Research on Aplysia
Mollusca: Banana Slug Home Page
Mollusca: Cephalopoda (nautilus, octopus, etc.)
Mollusca: Cephalopoda: Squids
Mollusca: Cephalopoda: Slide Show of Squid Reproduction
Mollusca: Cephalopoda: Giant Squid Page
Mollusca: Cephalopoda: Giant Pacific Octopus
Mollusca: Cephalopoda: Monster Mollusc Fossil Found
Mollusca: Scaphopoda: The Scaphopod Page
Mollusca: Bivalvia: Bivalve Resources
Mollusca: Bivalvia: Giant Deep-Sea Clams
Molluscan Pictures from Singapore


Arthropoda, Onychophora, Tardigrada

Introduction to the Arthropods
What are Arthropods?
Arthropoda: Prof. Fankboner's Selected Images
Animation of Anomalocaris from Burgess Shale
Tardigrada (Water Bears)
Bears in the Rain Gutter (Tardigrades)
Onychophorans (Velvet Worms)
Chelicerata (Horseshoe Crabs, Spiders, Mites, Scorpions
Chelicerata: About Horseshoe Crabs
Chelicerata: Arachnology
Chelicerata: Spider Information
Chelicerata: American Tarantula Society
Chelicerata: Jumping Spiders of North America
Chelicerata: Fear of Spiders
Trilobita (Along with Other Fossils)
Crustacea (Shrimps, Crabs, Barnacles)
Arthropoda: Prof. Fankboner's Selected Images
Crustacea: Images of West Coast Marine Species
Crustacea: Images of Southern Australian Crustaceans
Crustacea: Copepod Diversity
Crustacea: Copepods in Ponds
Crustacea: Cladocera
Crustacea: Cladograms
Crustacea: Poisonous Crab
Insecta (Hexapoda)
World of Insects Website
Insecta: Entomology on the WWW
Insecta: The Insect Orders
Insecta: Classification
Insecta: Anatomy
Insecta: SEM images
Insecta: 3-D Insects
Insecta: Zoom in on a Fruit Fly
Insecta: Drosophila melanogaster
Insecta: Antenna Close-up with SEM
Insecta: Fossilized in Amber
Insecta: Monarch Butterfly Life History
Insecta: Steve's Ant Farm
Insecta: Ant Antics
Insecta: More Ants
Insecta: Cockroach World
Insecta: Butterfly Web Site
Insecta: See What a Bee Sees
Insecta: The Eye of a Bee
Insecta: The Wasp Sting
Insecta: Forensic Entomology
Insecta: Cultural Entomology
Myriapoda (Millipedes, Centipedes, etc.)
Diplopoda (Millipedes) - First Land Animals
Diplopoda: Caring For Your Giant Millipede
Chilopoda: Introduction to Centipedes
Chilopoda: Image of Centipede
Chilopoda: Drawings of centipedes, etc.
Chilopoda: Giant Centipede Page


Phylogenetic Scheme of Nemathelminthes or More Complete Version in German)
Introduction to the Nematodes
Nematoda (roundworms)
Nematomorpha (horsehair worms)
Gastrotricha (belly hairs)
Gastrotrich Image and Bibliography
Drawings of rotifers and gastrotrichs
Introduction to the Priapulids, Kinorhynchs, and Loriciferans
Kinorhyncha (moveable snouts)
Loricifera (corselet bearing)
Priapulida: Images of Burgess Shale Priapulid, Ottoia
Renditions of Near Arthropods from Burgess Shale
Introduction to Chaetognatha (Arrow Worms)
Diagram of a Chaetognath
Excellent Chaetognath Images


Echinoderm Evolution Website
Introduction to Echinodermata
Echinodermata: Prof. Fankboner's Selected Images and Here
Echinodermata: Larval Stages
Echinodermata: Drawings of Crinoids (Sea Lilies & Feather Stars)
Echinodermata: Crinoidea: Fossil Sea Lily
Echinodermata: Crinoidea: Models of Crinoids
Echinodermata: Living Feather Star
Echinodermata: Models of Blastoids and Carpoids
Echinodermata: Drawings of Echinoids (Sea Urchins)
Echinodermata: Drawings of Holothuroids (Sea Cucumbers)
Echinodermata: Drawings of Asteroids (Seastars)
Echinodermata: The Crown-of-Thorns Seastar
Echinodermata: Drawings of Ophioroids (Brittle Stars)
Hemichordata: Model of Pterobranch
Hemichordata: Drawings of Enteropneusts
Chordata (From sea otters to sea squirts)
Chordata: Urochordata: Ascidian News (at CSUF)
Chordata: Urochordata: Ascidian Home Page in Japan
Chordata: Urochordata: Model of a Salp
Chordata: Vertebrata: Overview
Chordata: Vertebrata: Another Excellent Overview
Chordata: Vertebrata: Phylogeny
Chordata: Fish Images
Chordata: More Fish Images
Chordata: Anemonefishes and Their Host Anemones
Chordata: Electric Eels
Chordata: Tetrapoda: Information on Fossil Tetrapod Families
Chordata: Tetrapoda: Discover 6/95 Article on Ichthyostega
Chordata: Whole Frog Project
Chordata: Fun Tropical Frog Facts
Chordata: The Amniote Vertebrates
Chordata: Sea Turtles
Chordata: Univ. of Michigan Reptile Overview
Chordata: Reptiles
Chordata: More Biology 404 Links to Aquatic Reptiles
Chordata: Dinosaurs on the Net
Chordata: Field Museum's Dinosaur Tour 1
Chordata: Berkeley's Dinosaur Tour
Chordata: More Biology 404 Links to Dinosaurs
Chordata: Archaeopteryx (earliest bird)
Chordata: More Biology 404 Links to Flying Vertebrates
Chordata: Birds on the Web
Chordata: Bird Links by Group
Chordata: How Birds Fly
Chordata: Hummingbirds
Chordata: Overview of Mammals
Chordata: More Biology 404 Links to Origin of Mammals
Chordata: Marsupial Mammals
Chordata: Mammals in Tasmania
Chordata: Placental Mammals
Chordata: Images of Mammals
Chordata: Animal Info - Endangered Mammals Website
Chordata: Dogs, Cats, etc.
Chordata: African Mammals at Kruger National Park
Chordata: Adam's Fox Box
Chordata: The Marmot Burrow
Chordata: Marine Mammal Links
Chordata: Whales
Chordata: Orca Whale Images
Chordata: Intro to Primates
Chordata: Links for Primate Information
Chordata: The Primate Gallery
Chordata: The Origins of Humankind
Chordata: Human Evolution Links
Chordata: 2.5 Million Year Old Mrs. Ples
Chordata: The Origins of Humankind
Chordata: Human Anatomy Lectures and Images
Chordata: Visible Human Project
Chordata: Biosocial Aspects of Human Behavior
Chordata: Anatomy Links
Chordata: Human Legs and Jaws
Chordata: Human Skeleton
Chordata: Voxel-Man (Germany)

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