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CHRONOLOGY - Where did modern humans come from?
APEMAN - human evolution / Genetic study roots humans in Africa

December 27, 2000 Science Daily:
Diet Diverged In Earliest Human Ancestors, Researchers Find
December 18, 2000 NG News:
Ballard Finds Traces of Ancient Habitation Beneath Black Sea
December 4, 2000 ABC:
Mankind’s Earliest Ancestor: Fossilized Bones of Five Chimpanzee-Sized Animals Found
November 29, 2000 BBC:
Virtual mummy tour
October 23, 2000 Science Daily:
Temple University And Smithsonian Researchers Find Earliest Direct Evidence Of Crop Cultivation In The Americas
October 11, 2000 BBC:
DNA clues to Neanderthals
October 06, 2000 ABC:
A Question of Race: Forensic Anthropologists Disagree About Racial Characteristics and Bone Structure
September 26, 2000 ABC:
The Iceman Melteth: Scientists Thaw 5,300-Year-Old Man to Learn More About His Kind, His Time
September 26, 2000 ABC:
Bones Tied to Indian Culture: Tribes in Northwest Gain Custody of 9,000-Year-Old Skeleton, Says Babbitt
August 22, 2000 BBC:
Out of Africa
August 18, 2000 FOX:
Hidden History of Central Park: Scientists Search for a Lost African American Community
August 16, 2000 ABC:
Mummy Debate: Federal Agency Says Mummy Is Not Tribal Ancestor
August 14, 2000 FOX:
The Earliest Mummies Were Mothers in the Andes Preserving Lost Children?
August 11, 2000 ABC:
Israel Fossils Change Record: Evidence Puts Hominid Migration 250,000 Years Earlier
July 15, 2000 Far Shores:
Desert Hides Ancient Civilization
July 09, 2000 Far Shores:
World's Oldest Mummies Found in Chile Not Egypt
July 07, 2000 FOX:
Contamination and Controversy: Plague Kennewick Man DNA Testing
July 03, 2000 Discovering Archaeology:
Canada's Iceman Revisited: Research Begins on Human Remains Found in a Glacier
June 12, 2000 ABC:
A Meaty Feast: Neaderthal Diet May Have Been 90 Percent Meat
June 09, 2000 BBC:
Stonehenge execution revealed
June 01, 2000 Discovering Archaeology:
The Cradle of Agriculture? New Evidence Moves the World's First Farmers into Turkey
May 12, 2000 ABC:
Hominids in Europe: Skulls Probably Represent First Populations to Migrate from Africa
May 4, 2000 FOX:
New Discovery Supports 'Out-of-Africa' Theory
May 03, 2000 ABC:
Oyster Cult: Coastal Way of Life Existed 125,000 Years Ago for Ancient Humans
May 01, 2000 FOX:
Fossil Find May Link Man to Fish
April 26, 2000 Discovering Archaeology:
The Most-Complete Hominid Skull: A 2 million-year-old Skull Emerges From a New South African Site
April 26, 2000 BBC:
Near complete apeman skull found
April 25, 2000 FOX:
South African Scientist: Makes Dramatic Apeman Find
April 24, 2000 FOX:
DNA Tests Said to Link Black Americans With African Kin
April 24, 2000 FOX:
Scientists to Begin Kennewick Man DNA Studies
April 20, 2000 Discovering Archaeology:
A Failure, Not a Hero: A Famous Royal Tomb of Ancient Macedonia Held the Wrong King Philip
April 05, 2000 Discovering Archaeology.
The Body Farmer: Bill Bass' Studies of the Dead Molded Forensic Anthropology
March 28, 2000 ABC:
A Breed Apart: DNA Tests: Humans Not Descended from Neanderthals
March 04, 2000 Discovering Archaeology:
Artifacts of Female Independence: Excavations in New Orleans Show the Status of Colonial Women
March 04, 2000 Discovering Archaeology:
The Temple Builders of Malta: Great Stone Monuments Mark the Paths of Ancient Cultures
March 23, 2000 Cosmiverse:
Peru's mysterious Nazca line drawings, revisited
March 22, 2000 ABC:
Walk Like an Ape: Early Hominids Likely ‘Knuckle-Walked’ Like Gorillas and Chimps
March 15, 2000 NIU
New fossils from China shed light on common ancestry of monkeys, apes and humans
March 15, 2000 ABC:
Fossil Links Primates: 45-Million-Year-Old Foot Bones Fill in Evolutionary Tree
March 08, 2000 FOX:
Excavations Begin at Site of Ancient Necropolis
March 02, 2000 Discovering Archaeology:
Restless Corpses: Neolithic Britons Shuffled Their Dead Beyond the Grave
February 18, 2000 EXN:
Ancestors of the New World are more than simply Mongoloids
February 18, 2000 ABC:
American Neanderthal? Unearthed Native American Could Help Solve Mystery
February 17, 2000 ABC:
An Ancient War’s Dead? Anthropologist Examines Bones from Greek Construction Site
February 02, 2000 ABC:
Tribe Blasts DNA Tests: Umatilla Indians Call Genetic Analysis of Kennewick Man Unnecessary
January 13, 2000 ABC:
Kennewick Man: Gets Dated Skeleton Suggests Native American Classification
December 15, 1999 BBC
Did humans lose a sixth sense?
December 15, 1999 BBC
African ape-man's hand unearthed
December 10, 1999 BBC:
Peruvian May Be Relative of Argentine Inca Mummy
December 08, 1999 ABC:
Ancient Potters Started Young: Small Fingerprints Marked Wannabes
November 01, 1999 ABC:
First Americans from Europe? Study Clouds Asian Land Bridge Theory
October 28, 1999 BBC:
First farmers discovered
October 26, 1999
Space Shuttle Helps Unearth Scotland's Past
October 25, 1999 ABC:
Early Crossings: Scientists Debate Who Sailed to the New World First
October 25, 1999 ABC:
A Younger Neanderthal: Dating of Bones Changes Picture of Humans in Europe
October 15, 1999 ABC:
Who is Kennewick Man? Bones Look Asian, but Many Questions Remain
October 08, 1999 CNN:
Exploring ancient Egyptian perception of human form
October 04, 1999 EXN:
The proof is in the bones –
Neanderthals were cannibals
October 1999 NewAfrican:
The men behind Lumumba's death
September 30, 1999 ABC:
Remains of a Grisly Meal: Bones Offer Evidence of a
Neanderthal-Eat-Neanderthal World
September 21, 1999 ABC:
Ancient Skull an Americas Mystery: Brazilian Skull Oldest Known in Americas
September 06, 1999 BBC:
Explorer's relics unfrozen
September 06, 1999 ABC:
Hominid Fossil Says Plenty: Rediscovered Fossil Rustles Family Tree
August 28, 1999 Sydney Morning Herald:
Untouched by plunderers, Valley of the Mummies reveals a golden past
August 26, 1999 CBC:
Ice mummy investigation goes ahead
August 25, 1999 ABC:
Curse of the Mummies
Unearthing Ancient Corpses Could Bode Ill
August 24, 1999 EXN:
Ancient body found on northern BC glacier
August 24, 1999 CBC:
Ancient human remains found in B.C.
June 14, 1999 ABC:
Mummy Cemetery Uncovered: Egypt’s Western Desert Home to Massive Necropolis
June 13, 1999 BBC:
Golden mummies discovered
May 23, 1999 BBC:
Burial for mummy remains
May 03, 1999 CBC:
Archaeologists look for answers in Yukon
April 15, 1999 ABC News:
Mummified Baby Found: Argentine Mummy May Give Clues to Diet
April 03, 1999 BBC:
Early volcano victims discovered
April 22, 1999 ABC:
New Human Ancestor? Hominid Fills Gap in Fossil Record / Archaeology Magazine
April 20, 1999 ABC:
‘Not a Love Child’: Skeleton Shows Neanderthals, Early Humans Interbred
April 19, 1999 EXN:
The Neanderthal child
April 06, 1999 ABC:
Mummified Inca Children Discovered: Frozen High in Andes
March 23, 1999 ABC:
Ice Princess Degrading: Too Much Travel Threatens Inca Mummy / Ice Maiden
March 13, 1999 Spokesman Review:
2,300-year-old grave of nomad prince found
March 04, 1999 TheGlobe:
Child Mummy Found On Frozen Mountain
February 25, 1999 ABC:
Taking Measure of Kennewick Man: Six Scientists Begin Five-Day Study
February 17, 1999 ABC:
Secrets of Cherchen Man: An Unexpected 3,000-Year-Old Mummy
December 15, 1999 BBC
African ape-man's hand unearthed
January 15, 1999 ABC:
The First Hunting Lodge? Remnants of Stone-Age Shelter in South Africa
December 10, 1998 Times Science Writer:
Skeleton Gives Glimpse of Human Roots
August 7, 1998 ScienceDaily:
Human Ancestors Went Out Of Africa And Then Came Back
July 5, 1998 CNN:
African skull may be key link in human development
June 11, 1998 ABC:
Ancestors Not So Brainy
May 13, 1998 ABC:
Evolution of the Skull: One Bone Moves the Face
January 15, 1999 ABC:
What the Hominid Ate: From Tooth Enamel, a Hint of Diet
December 09, 1998 ABC:
Ancient Ape-Man Uncovered: 3.5-Million-Year-Old Fossil in Africa
December 04, 1998 ABC:
New Evidence of Earhart Fate: Bones, Skull on Polynesian Island
Archaeology Magazine 11/98:
January 07, 1999 BBC:
Ancient warrior resurrected
September 09, 1998 ABC:
Skeletons Reveal the Working Woman
July 02, 1998 CNN:
8,000-year-old shoes prove cave-dwellers were well-heeled
June 10, 1998 ABC:
Ancient Pottery Shards Found
june 01, 1998 MSNBC:
Ancient Roman Artwork Found
May 13, 1998 ABC:
Evolution of the Skull: One Bone Moves the Face
March 11, 1998 ABC:
Made Boats Much Earlier: Ancient Mariners More Ancient
March 10, 1998 ABC:
Corps Says Bones of Kennewick Man Missing
January 01, 1998 CNN:
Archeologists work against clock to excavate ancient cemetery
November 02, 1998 ABC:
Peeking In an Emperor’s Tomb: Midieval Mummy
October 17, 1998 ABC:
Giving Mummies a Face: Scientist to Translate Wraps to Cheeks
April 09, 1998 CNN:
Well-preserved female mummy found in Korea
March 31, 1998 ABC:
Prehuman Species Strolled: Lucy Got Around / Lucy
March 27, 1998 CNN:
Italy gets its iceman back

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